Welcome to the Year of Invitation
This year at St. Andrew’s is all about Invitation
-invitation to participate in our congregation’s life and to go deeper into who we are as children of God
-invitation to grow closer to one another as a community
-invitation to open our doors, hearts and minds wider
-invitation to the people of Halifax to discover all that St. Andrew’s has to offer as a place to belong and grow

An Invitation to Sunday Morning
We have expanded our Sunday morning programme to give more opportunities to find sustenance for our hungry hearts, minds and bodies. Every week you are invited for Caffeine, Calories, Conversation and Community.

Wonder Café – 9:15 – 10:15 am
Get your morning started with coffee and crumbs as we engage in conversation and practice. Every Sunday will provide opportunities both to think about faith from different perspectives as well as to participate in spiritual practices that strengthen our relationship to spirit. Recent themes have included Meditation Made Easy, The Spirit of Surrender, Celtic Spirituality in Music and a Yoga Sampler.

Worship 10:30-11:30
For most, worship is the focal point of life at St. Andrew’s, including in the Year of Invitation. The community gathers to open itself to the divine and where God’s Spirit may be leading. Through music, meditations, sermon reflections and prayer we find both strength and challenge to grow in our faith. We look both to our Christian tradition and to the many other ways God is present in our world including through creation and other religious traditions. We welcome all: all ages and experiences, all genders and orientations, all abilities and challenges, all seekers and questioners, all stages on the journey of faith.

Church-ology 11:45 – 1 pm
Returning in the fall, you are invited to explore our faith further after worship time. Following a time of coffee and snacks, we discuss various topics for the curious, skeptical and perplexed.

An Invitation to Midweek
Small group and study opportunities also take place during the week. In conversation with others, you will be invited to shake off old misconceptions of who God is and to penetrate deeper into living lives richer in meaning and purpose. For more information, click HERE