Is God a Character in Your Story? Or, are You a Character in God’s Story? Our minds generate little stories all the time. Just notice how many little narratives your brain generates in the next minute or two. I’m looking out the window … there is so much beautiful snow … but it’s going to warm up and rain… it’s so sad… And I spent so much time shovelling … Is this a sign of global warming? Sometimes we write God into these stories. God, don’t let this lump I’ve found be cancer … God comfort the families of the people who crashed with that plane … God do something about Donald Trump! But under all this chatter, is God whispering to us Her Story and the role She would like us to play? Can we stop asking God to do what we want and listen to what He wants? Is there actually a way to hear this? 

Here is the bulletin for this Sunday:  Bulletin Jan. 12, 2019





Worship at St. Andrew’s is creative, often surprising, with dynamic reflections and excellent music. Come early so we can get to know one another and extend welcome to the St. Andrew’s Community!

Coffee and treats are available at the back of the church before and during the service. The atmosphere is very informal, and we hope welcoming. Many people enjoy catching up on the past week with one another in this time before church begins. There is an open space with activities provided for kids and families so everyone can enjoy time in church together. 1.Coffee Talk   After welcome and sharing information about the upcoming activities, we begin worship with a period of Meditation with Music. Our Minister of Music, Kevin Parks, improvises on themes that reflect the main idea of worship for the day. We sing, pray, listen and contemplate together.   You can hear sermon reflections by our lead Minister Russ Daye and Associate Minister Susan Chisholm by clicking HERE. to listen to sermon/reflections. sermon       There’s much excitement these days as over the summer of 2018 we replaced the sanctuary floor and acquired comfortable flexible seating.  The space is now very open and bright and adaptable to so many potential set up designs.

Our music is as diverse as those who attend worship on Sundays. We sing traditional and contemporary hymns and songs, we have an excellent choir and make use of an impressive organ. We also have many individual music talents in our midst who form a band to offer music from the wider culture. It is not unusual to hear Leonard Cohen, Cockburn, Springsteen, Mary Chapin Carpenter or even Bowie or Prince as part of our worship. Click HERE to learn about music in worship.