World of Wonders – In our culture we tend to think of the different realms of life – the ecological world, the economic world, the cultural world, the world of emotion in our hearts – as distinct and separated from each other. With some help from from a fierce, old Hebrew prophet, from St. Paul, and from Mostly Righteous (who will be performing two songs) we will challenge this view and see how allowing mystery and Spirit to make connections between these realms might just bring about healing for our world

This recording of the complete service includes:
Organ Prelude – Selections from Mass for the Parishes, F. Couperin
11:10 Vocal presentation – The Future (Cohen) Dana Pardy, with Kevin Parks, piano
18:15 Reflection – World of Wonders by Russ Daye
52:00 Offering – World of Wonders (Cockburn) Kevin Parks piano&vocals