Wonder Café, April 30 — Jack Bennet — Musicking: Building Community One Song At A Time!

Graduating this June from Dalhousie University with a combined honours in Music and Sustainability, Jack Bennet has spent the past year busting onto the Halifax ‘Community Music’ scene. Jack assumed the Artistic Directorship of Phoenix Community Choir, a choir for homeless and at-risk youth. In January Jack started The Big Sing, a bi-weekly impromptu gathering where people from all walks of life — singers and non-singers alike — spend an hour or two learning a pop song in three part harmony, and then recording the result for a YouTube video.

He’s been attracting up to 200 people to these informal sings, and has even parlayed the venture into a fundraising opportunity for some good local causes. This fall Jack will become Music Director of VOX: A Choir for Social Change. This group not only makes an extraordinary sound, but also an extraordinary difference: it’s a place for members to process social injustice and connect to the community at large with workshops and performances geared to bring new perspective on matters such as inclusion, mental health advocacy and awareness of sexualized violence in our communities. Jack has the pedigree to be a mover in both music and social justice fields; his grandfather is Jim Bennet of CBC’s Sing-a-long Jubilee fame, and his dad, Neale, is an Anglican priest, serving now as President at Atlantic School of Theology.

In our session on April 30 Jack will explore the idea of Musicking, that rhythm, melody and harmony is formative within all of us, and is a vital component in shaping healthful communities. He may even get the reticent among us to join in the song!