We need some volunteers to record our livestreamed Sunday services.
It’s a cool task – and very important in this time of separation and isolation.
We have a great new sound/video system.  We’ll show you exactly how to use it and what to do.   Learn something new about video recording – and help St Andrew’s at the same time! (And if you collect volunteer  hours for credit, we can sign off for you).




Here’s what’s involved:

  1. Upload our  worship ppt slides on Saturday or Sunday before worship.   You don’t create the content – we do that – simply upload to the livestream system.
  2. Sunday morning before church:   set up the equipment and verify everything is working and properly set to go
  3. Sunday morning during church–Manage the stream
    1. Ensure stream is live and being recorded
    2. Switch Pre-set camera scenes
    3. Pan/zoom on the activity of worship
    4. Display slide content
  4. Sunday morning right after church—pack up the equipment, ensure recording is saved and uploaded to website.
For details  contact Dana Lynn Farrell at dana.lynn.f@gmail.com or Kevin Parks at 902-221-1597