Sunday December 17, 2017 – Advent 3 – Russ Daye, preacher. This Sunday we continue our Advent Waiting for a Miracle series. We will be exploring the stories of Jesus’ conception and Mary’s pregnancy and reflecting on how the over spiritualization of these stories had made Christians uncomfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. Is there a more healthy theology of human sexuality, and might this theology have something to teach us as the “#me too” movement expands? Following worship we will be having a potluck lunch in the Upper Hall to say “thank you” to Ian on his last Sunday at St. Andrew’s. The recording begins with Steve Tugwell performing Colin Hay’s ‘Waiting for my Real Life to Begin’. Following the sermon the choir performs Will Todd’s ‘My Lord Has Come.

Here is the slideshow that accompanies the sermon. To advance slides, hover over the light chevron/arrow to the right of the image, and click.