Having returned from a South American sojourn, Russ Daye preaches on Creation and Christian intersections with the Tao of Suffering.

We also welcomed Fountain School of Music graduating student, soprano Rachel Taylor, accompanied by harpist Ellen Gibling. Rachel and Ellen performed selections from 19th Century composer Isobelle Colbran’s 6 Airs for Soprano and Harp. Colbran was married to Italian opera composer, Gioachino Rossini. On this recording we will hear two of the songs from the set. One before and one after the sermon. The translations are as follows:

Quel cor che mi prometti:
That heart that you promised me, if it’s not all mine, Then give it to other people; do not keep it for me. Go where love guides you, because my loyal soul Will suffer cruelly after finding you evil

So che un sogno ѐ la speranza:
I know that a dream is hope,
I know that often he does not say the truth,
But the pitiful deceiver comes around consoling my heart.
Among those dreams, I do not find peace,
But I render myself capable
of suffering the cruelty of harsh experiences