Disruption as a Spiritual Practice: From Donald Trump to global warming to myriad revelations of sexual misconduct – it seems that every day brings us news that disturbs our sense of security and harmony. There are ways to live into this disruption that foster both growth and harmony – in our hearts and in our society. We will explore those this Sunday.

This week we begin working with a new order of service, intended to help us delve more deeply to the impact of text and context in our lives. This recording is the middle part of our service, beginning with the Word section. Here’s what you’ll here:

1. Susan and Russ read scripture with contextualizing commentary
2. Russ preaches ‘Move 1’ of his sermon, leading to a period of Spiritual Practice
3. Music: Didn’t It Rain (Spiritual) vocals, Shelley Meisner and Kevin Parks
4. Russ preachers ‘Move 2’ of his sermon.