On this Sunday, we remembered saints, both recent and ancient, who touch our lives. Not only will we honour friends and family who have died in the past year, but also those who are remembered through our beautiful stained glass windows. Do we know the stories told? Do we know who is remembered through them?

Presented here is the entire service on Oct 29, 2017. We are celebrating All Saints, but also the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of 95 Theses on the Cathedral door at Wittenburg.

The service is a sequence of five reflections by Ian Fraser, followed by a practice on the reflection by Russ Daye, followed by music. We sing “For all the Saints”, “Jesus Shall Reign” and “Blessed are They”. Members of the choir sing a motet by Luther’s friend Ludwig Self, “I Shall Not Die But Live” Finally, Steve Tugwell sings Bruce Springsteen’s “Into the Fire”

Here is a link to the bulletin for Oct 29, 2017, so you can more easily follow the order of the service while listening.


You can follow along with the powerpoint from Sunday’s service below. Click on the light grey chevron to the right of the slide frame to advance to the next slide.



Here is the video displayed while Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Into the Fire’ is being played: