What’s goin’ on? That’s a question the first Jesus followers must have been asking after the resurrection and then the stunning period of Jesus’ ascension and the birth of the church, the coming of the Holy Spirit in wind, fire, language?  In today’s strangely disrupting and disorienting time the church and all people–Christian or not–are asking again, “What’s going on?”  Just as in the days of Jesus when people had agency to choose how to respond to the questions, we choose this week to respond with Thanksgiving. The sanctuary stained glass colors our communion table this week – and we celebrate.

Russ, Susan and Kevin are joined by many voices and faces of our St. Andrew’s community, as we reflect on gratitude. The sermon will be a shared venture. The choir will sing in virtual collaboration. The youth will offer a benediction, at a distance. And you’ll see familiar faces sharing the communion elements at home. Join us, with bread, wine (or reasonable facsimiles) at your side.