Jazz, R&B, folk, gospel, global genres, pipe organ, piano improv, conducting choirs…you’ll hear and see Kevin Parks leading any of these in church worship, often blending multiple styles within one service. Kevin is a Worship Animator and Pastoral Musician with a passion to engage and enliven what is deep in our souls through a well-selected text and tune. Kevin’s priority is to model practical, collaborative, collegial approaches to liturgical planning and worship leadership.  Music ministry has taken him across the country to serve in United Church, Anglican, Presbyterian and Salvation Army congregations.  He is a sought-after clinician and music leader for conferences and events, a resource to musician colleagues, church committees and clergy in the following areas of research:

  • Developing church music leadership (professional to volunteer) in any community context, focusing especially on integration and relationship building for music ministry in staff teams and lay governance structures.
  • Copyright, and the ethical use of intellectual property in the church.
  • The multi-valent environments of virtual&physical presence in a digital-church age.
  • Safe musicking in a pandemic.

In 2021 Kevin is also responsible for Sanctuary bookings, and he is the church webminder. You can contact him at operationsmanager@saintandrewshfx.ca to discuss either of those areas.

Beyond St. Andrew’s Halifax Kevin is Universtiy Musician at Atlantic School of Theology, he on the development team for the United Church of Canada’s upcoming Worship and Music resource, ‘Sing 2025’ and a member of the Region 15 Faith Formation and Leadership Development Team.  His partner, Dana Pardy, is a candidate for ministry in the UCC, and they have three ‘mostly’ grown children.

Kevin Parks

Congregation Designated Minister of Music


As a current student at Mount St. Vincent University, Jillian is pursuing an education within the Child and Youth Studies Program. Jillian, or Jill for short, will be taking over the Sunday School Program for St. Andrew’s this year. She is an advocate for inclusive learning and has worked in many daycare environments involving her to lesson plan and create activities for a variety of ages. Jillian is also a volunteer within the community and loves to take action.
Other than Sunday School involvement, Jillian works with those with diverse needs (mental and physical disabilities) while completing her education. Her passion is to help develop and guide the minds of the children in a community in a way that helps them become the best they can be. During her time within the Sunday School she will help teach and lead the children in learning about the values and lessons of the church and is SO excited to be a part of the St. Andrew’s community.


Jilian Eisener, Sunday School Coordinator