We are hopeful that movement forward for the Al Keek Family will be starting soon. They have been advised their March 30th meeting with the Embassy, which was cancelled because of Covid, will be rescheduled. This is good news and creates a flicker of hope. We want to keep this flicker alive and grow it to a bright flame. Messages of love and encouragement from their new community in Canada will help to keep that flame burning. We encourage you all to join us in sending messages of hope to let them know we are here praying, preparing and waiting for them. We received two messages this week and these have been sent to the family.

There are two ways you can send a message.

1)For those attending in person services, please take a minute and write a message and pin it to our beautiful Messages of Hope board located just inside the entry to the sanctuary

2) For those staying safe at home, please take a minute and send a message on line to the following email address.  refugees@saintandrewshfx.ca

These two locations will be monitored regularly and all messages will be translated and forwarded to Wesam who will send them on to the family. We would like to send one or two messages per week, so create one often or send a picture of yourself or of Halifax. Let’s all be a part of welcoming this young family into our community.

Please join us in offering hope and encouragement to the newest members of our community.