Social Justice Committee

SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE  (Formerly Social Action)

MANDATE:  The mandate of the Social Justice Committee of Saint Andrew’s United Church is to actively engage with the congregation and the broader community in education, advocacy, and action on social justice and environmental issues.

Through Lunch’n’Learns and fundraising events, we inform and educate our congregation about relevant social justice issues. We seek to strengthen links between members of the congregation and community partners (e.g. Brunswick Street Mission and Phoenix Youth). We continue to support a seasonal Drop-In Centre which runs from November through to May from 2:00pm-4:00pm for the participants of the Sunday Suppers. We network and advocate with other United Churches and the ecumenical social justice coalition, KAIROS, as we seek to address poverty, racism, and climate change. We support environmental justice, right relations and solidarity with First Nations, and, Peace with Justice for Palestine and Israel.

 The Chair of the Social Justice Committee reports to the Saint Andrew’s Church Council.

 We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:30am in the Mary Holmes Fellowship Room.

 New members and visitors are always welcome.

For more information, please contact Elaine Gunn at elaine@gunnfamily.ca

Social Justice Committee Members:Chair: Elaine Gunn, Janet de Saint Sardos, Linda Scherzinger, Ellen Taylor, Patricia Betts, Joanne Roy, Marilee Burwash, Carol MacLean, Jennifer Stevens-Ross, Linda Davis, Susan Alexander, Pam Brown


In order to execute our mandate each issue/project will require communication, education, and action. There will be 4 sub-sets within our committee: Mission and Service, The Green Team, Social Justice Events, and the Garden Project. Since we have a small membership, congregational members will be asked to volunteer for certain events. Thus far, we have committed to:

 Mission & Service: U.C.C:    – a campaign to educate/inform the congregation re the United Church mission projects by displaying the information on the Social Justice News board around Advent and Lent.

–  include a brief “Did you know” feature in the Friday/Sunday bulletins on a monthly basis.

  St. Andrew’s:    

 –  Drop-In:(weekly) Nov-May- organize/lead  volunteers to provide a welcoming hospitality for participants.

 – Brunswick Street Mission Breakfast: 4 Saturdays of 1 month (May)- organize/lead volunteers

Green Team:               

 – Sunday, Oct. 20,2019 organize a Lunch’n’Learn.(a possible theme “ Listen to the Youth about Climate Change”)

 – organize a Lunch’n’Learn in the Spring around Earth Day

 – Promote/participate/advocate in other environment climate justice events such as the Green New Deal (June 6th), the UCC multi-faith climate crisis event in Tatamagouche (Nov. 1-2), the UCC Faithful Footprints program and Faith and the Common Good.

Social Justice Events:   

– organize “The Blanket Exercise” for 40 participants (date unknown at this time)

 – Oct. 4th- promote/participate in Sisters in Spirit vigil to honour the lives and memories of murdered and missing                              Indigenous women.                                     

 – Jan:    Community Fair (after church) ?

– Feb:    Pancake  Supper for Phoenix                         

Garden (Food Security):  – Over the Summer/Fall the gardeners will be planting and harvesting the crops in our garden. The produce will be sold to the congregation and donated to programs for people who are food insecure.                                                                                                     



SEPT:       – Tuesday, Sept. 3rd  Social Justice meeting, (10:30am)

                – Sat. Sept. 14th: Participate in Eco-Fair at Victoria Park

                – Brunswick Street Mission Fundraiser Breakfast campaign (Oct. 9th)

OCT:         – Tuesday, Oct.1st, Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

                – Fri, Oct. 4th, Sisters in Spirit vigil

                – Sunday, Oct. 20th Lunch’n’Learn

                – Organize volunteers for Drop-In for Nov. 3rd

 NOV:        – Fri. Nov 1-2: UCC Climate crisis conference in Tatamagouche Centre

               – Tuesday, Nov.5th, Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

               – Mission & Service Information Campaign

 DEC:        – Tuesday, Dec. 3rd Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

                – Participate in UCW Bake Sale +

               -Dec.6th- National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence vs  Women

 JAN:       – Tuesday, Jan 7th Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

              – Community Fair (date to be decided)

 FEB:       – Tuesday, Feb. 4th Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

              – Organize team for Feb. 25th Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper for                                  Phoenix

 MAR:     – Tuesday, Mar. 3rd Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

             – Mission & Service Info Campaign

APR:     – Tuesday, Apr. 7th Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

            – Season of Creation- Lunch’N”Learn

            – Organize volunteers for Brunswick Street Mission Breakfast

 MAY:    – Tuesday, May 5th Social Justice meeting (10:30am)

            – Mission Breakfast (4 Saturdays)

            -May 5th= Red Dress Day (commemorate murdered women)