Social Justice Committee

                  SOCIAL JUSTICE AGM REPORT (2019-2020)

 The Social Justice Committee members: Elaine Gunn (Chair), Susan Alexander, Patricia Betts, Linda Davis, Beth McGee, Carol MacLean, Joanne Roy, Linda Scherzinger, Janet de Saint Sardos, Ellen Taylor.

Associate Members:  Marilee Brennan, Gloria Haskett, Ian Johnson, Jennifer Stevens-Ross, Bonnie Coloumbe, Jason Firth, Tim Klein


Since the 2019 AGM, , the Social Justice Committee not only organized many educational congregational events but also networked and advocated issues with other churches. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00am.


APRIL: 2019: – St. Andrew’s is responsible to provide breakfast at Brunswick St. Mission for the 4 Saturdays in May. Staffing was organized.

                    – We sponsored a community evening event with Silver Donald Cameron’s presentation of his film “Green Rights, The Human Right to a Healthy World” and responding to questions about our environmental rights to clean air, water, and land. A group met at St. Andrew’s for a 6 week University of Cape Breton online course given by Dr. Cameron featuring interviews on green rights.


MAY: 2019:  – We held a day long mini-retreat in order to review the committee’s purpose, and plan our activities from Sept.(2019).-June (2020). It was decided that our committee’s name would be changed to the Social Justice Committee.


SEPTEMBER 2019: – We participated in an Eco-Justice Fair cosponsored by the Anglican Diocese’s Environmental Network and Kairos Halifax. Our table displayed information concerning  how St. Andrew’s tries to support those who experience food insecurity and advocate for less production and use of plastic.

                                – As part of our responsibility to the TRC, we organized “The Blanket Exercise”. Lunch was served to the 40 participants prior to the afternoon event in the sanctuary.


OCTOBER 2019:   – In collaboration with the Eco-Justice committee members  of St. Matthew’s United Church, a Lunch’nLearn was held at St. Andrew’s on the topic of “Youth and Climate Change”. Six youth were invited to speak about their actions and feelings concerning the climate crisis.

                             – With Roy Hayward’s leadership, we helped in getting him ready for the Drop-In Centre’s staffing for the first Sunday of  November.


NOVEMBER 2019:  – The Mission & Service display board was available at the back of the Sanctuary with information/brochures sent from the National United Church.



DECEMBER 2019:  – We participated in the UCW Bake Sale +. the sale of Zatoun Fair Trade products was particularly popular.


FEBRUARY 2020:    – “Pancakes for Phoenix” was organized to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and to contribute financial support Phoenix Youth.

                               – Letters will soon be emailed to specific community services that have a connection to St. Andrew’s and our committee work. . We are hoping to organize a “Community Fair” on Sunday, March 29th, to reacquaint the congregation with the agencies’ actions in the community.

                              – We received a confirmation from Sylvain Charlebois for his April 2nd presentation on “Food as a Human Right”. Details will follow.