Our Values, Our Mission


St. Andrew’s: Our Values, Our Mission

 After numerous discussions over several years, we have come to a point of identifying who we are and what are our core values and mission.


Who we are

We believe that St. Andrew’s is a place of transformation, both for ourselves and for our world:

  • Here we gather, in space that is safe, with others who offer support and compassion for our weary spirits. Here we are accepted for who we are and find an identity in sacred and holy love.
  • Together we are invited to go deep, to shed the superficialities with which we too often settle, and to wrestle with the critical issues that affect our lives and our world. We are informed by ancient wisdom in both our Christian and other faith traditions and ask how this connects to current culture and challenges. Listening is as important to us as speaking. Through deep encounters with the divine presence and one another, we find healing.
  • Finally, we are led to act upon what we have experienced in order to be agents of transformation, offering compassion to a broken world.


Our Core Values

Several core values are fundamental to who we are:

  • To love God and to love one another: As Christians, we seek to follow Jesus’ summary of the Torah.Within this simple ethic lies a lifetime of challenge!
  • Inclusion of all: all genders and orientations, all abilities and challenges, all seekers and questioners, all followers of different faith traditions, all travelers on the journey of faith. To welcome all is also to be open to the insights and perspectives that they bring. Our diversity leads us to value integrationof different points of view and disciplines for a more holistic understanding.
  • Courage: We face life’s challenges open to change and unwilling to settle for traditional ways that no longer carry meaning.
  • Excellence: Andrew’s works with passion and energy to provide the best we can in our worship, programming and outreach projects.


Our Mission

St. Andrew’s can best contribute by focusing our ministry in Halifax and around the world on:

  1. responding to the spiritual impoverishmentof our community. While our society is wealthy in many ways, it dwells in deep poverty in others.
  2. creating communionacross religious and social borders. We seek to bring together diverse perspectives that intersect in our community.
  3. standing for justice: social, economic and environmental
  4. developing alternative, transformational leadershipwithin our city – and supporting leaders in various fields. We note the need for strong leaders who will respond to the challenges our society is facing.