Open Doors
St. Andrew’s is a community with open doors. We welcome all: all genders and orientations, all abilities and challenges, all seekers and questioners, all stages on the journey of faith.

We open our doors to Sunday worship and community, Drop-In and Suppers for homeless and low-income people. During the week our doors are open to the Phoenix Choir for youth at risk, the VOX choir, concerts and lectures of all kinds, fitness and yoga groups, support progammes for mental health and addictions, Brownies and Scouts.

Open Hearts
St. Andrew’s is a community where lives are changed. We seek wholeness and healing together in worship, small groups, discussion circles and workshops. We trust in a God who accepts us in our weakness and loves us in our need.

We open our hearts to those marginalized in our world. We are engaged in reconciliation with indigenous people, sponsorship of Syrian and Somali refugees, support for Middle East refugees in Lebanon and local partnerships in our city.

Open Minds
St. Andrew’s is a community that values learning. Our worship services provoke us to think, hard, about our lives and purpose. We recognize that we live in a time when asking questions is vital for our life’s path and support one another to go deeper into a faith that inspires and sustains.

We open our minds to other faith communities with whom we learn, including the Shambhala Buddhist Centre, the Ummah Mosque, Shaar Shalom Synagogue and Mi’kmaq Friendship Centre.

We invite you to experience for yourselves what makes St. Andrew’s such a dynamic place for so many in this community. You are welcome here.

You are invited!

We would love to have you as our guest at one of the many events happening in the St. Andrew’s community.