The Metro Non-Profit Housing Association is a private, charitable organization that provides permanent, secure housing and support to low income, single individuals. Their mission is to assist single adults who have been homeless or at risk of being homeless to create and maintain their homes.

Its purpose is to assist low-income adults to make their homes through:

  • The provision of safe, affordable, stable, long term housing in a supportive environment.
  • The management of quality housing with a participatory style.
  • Engaging in individual support, advocacy, referral and access to community resources for single adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Participating in the community to advocate for safe, affordable housing and for other related poverty issues, and participating in research related to these activities.

NPHA believes that when people have substandard housing, they not only lack adequate shelter, they also lack “rootedness” and a pivotal place around which to conduct other activities, such as social relations or work. Without a home, people lack a place to express a sense of personal identity and culture.

They also believe that having a home means having a choice about how one will live. Every person should have control of their living situation and be able to voice their opinion in decisions that are going to affect them. Their unique “facilitative” style of housing management was designed to build community and generally affords the tenants control over their living conditions.

MNPHA housing projects and those that they continue to develop provide residents with a stable base and supportive environment. They are able to offer tenants referral services, advocacy and employment when appropriate. Tenants have been seated on the Board of Directors since its inception, where they help shape the policies and directions of the Association. Tenants also have a voice in the selection of new residents and continue to meet regularly to discuss house business, giving them a sense of belonging.

To learn more about MNPHA please visit their website.