The recent end to a long process of inquiry into the fitness for ministry of self-declared atheist, Rev. Gretta Vosper, which she and her supporters wrote about with the hashtag #heresytrial, brings to the fore questions like these:
*What is faith?
*What is belief?
*Is there room in the United Church tent for people who don’t accept the existence of a personal God with agency in the world?
*How do we navigate our differences?
*Where should inclusion end?
Russ Daye reflects on these questions and delves into the processes by which our own beliefs are formed and changed.

In the middle of the recording there is a spiritual practice that involves a video with extemporaneous music performed by Kevin Parks at the piano. Please visit this YouTube link for the video

The recording concludes with some words of wisdom from the Delai Lama on the topic of inclusion.