Saint Andrew’s is at a crossroads with enormous potential and a few dangers. We have grown to be one of the most impactful faith communities in Atlantic Canada, and, like all churches in this time, we have to build a new model for sustainability. In our best moments, we take time to go deep into practice and dialogue when making future-shaping decisions. Today we begin a two week seriew shaped by a teaching about attending to finite challenges in a way that opens to the infinite presence and mission of God.

Susan Chisholm presents the concept of finite/infinite games based on on the book by James Carse of the same name (6:45). Stewardship committee members Will Webster and Don Stonehouse present a brief overview of the current missional and sustainability picture (19:40). Russ brings it all together in his sermon (31:15). Mostly Righteous, supported by the choir conclude with a presentation of Queen/David Bowie’s classic tune, Under Pressure (50:00).