Our Commitment and Strategy for Covid Safety
We are blessed with a large building and sanctuary, which is conducive to safer gatherings.
Our Policy:
  • We strongly endorse Covid vaccination as the shared responsibility of a caring community.
Those who are unvaccinated are are invited to join our online worship. Thanks to our tech team, you’ll feel as connected and present as possible. The worship link is found on our website: www.standrewshfx.ca
Those who are unvaccinated are invited to join meetings via Zoom. For every meeting, a link to zoom in will be made available.
All Saint Andrew’s staff are fully vaccinated.
  • Masks are required.
We have extras, and plenty of hand sanitizer, at every entrance to the building.
  • A section of the sanctuary will be set up for Social Distancing.
When you arrive Sunday morning you will find a section of the chairs arranged for social distancing. Although not required, this section will always be configured to allow those who prefer to maintain distance.
  • Home visits and home communion is available
If you are not physically attending worship, Susan would be pleased to visit with you another time, in person, or over the phone. If you would like to receive communion in your home, Susan will bring it to you, and share in the taking of the bread and wine.