Sunday Suppers an Essential Service

The provincial government has declared St. Andrew’s Sunday Suppers an essential service.

Sunday Suppers will offer a take out meal, which will be delivered to the hall doors at 6036 Coburg Road between 3:30-5pm.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge, for a better idea of how Sunday Suppers are operating under the Covid19 social distancing restrictions.

We hold all our guests who are contending with the reality of social distancing in an environment that already presents challenges of social exclusion in our prayers through these days.

St. Andrew’s office and staff will be available as a point of contact throughout.

Phone 902-422-3157 or email saintandrews@eastlink.ca


Delivery help needed? We have your person…

One of our congregation members, Jeffrey Smith, offers his support for pick-up and delivery services of things you may need and feel you can’t get to or travel much about in our city to obtain.  Better yet, he drives an electric car.  If you need an errand run – including grocery shopping – you can reach him directly by telephone at: (613) 983-3905 and through his personal email: jjsmith@uniserve.com  If your pick-up and delivery needs are wide-ranging, please try to give him ample notice.”

Jeffrey is thoroughly mindful of safe pick-up, transport and delivery , which means careful handling and disinfecting of things prior to delivery, by wiping them down and ensuring delivery bags are otherwise not handled by human hands.  He’s great, and willing to help.

Benevolent Fund Appeal

The St. Andrew’s Benevolent Fund is for emergency requests from people arriving at our door in need.  This happens often – and we expect it will happen more in the Covid Crisis.  We give money for food, diapers, hygiene or medicinal supplies,  bus tickets, etc.  Linda manages the fund, with assistance from Susan and Russ.

Please help replenish this fund, so we can respond to need with practical love and support.   Donate in cash or grocery store gift cards (amounts of $25 or less).

 IDEA:  ask your children or neighbors if they’d like to donate.  Whatever they give will be given in turn – and helping others helps us all.

How to donate?

Online:    www.standrewshfxdonation.ca

Mail:        6036 Coburg Rd.  Halifax, NS  B3H 1Y9

Home Pick Up:    email s.chisholm@eastlink.ca    Susan will arrange for someone to collect at your door.


Worship in a new reality…

Worship has been a steep learning curve, all over again!  Our leadership team is pretty well versed on how to plan and deliver conventional worship, live and in person, to a waiting, wide-eyed congregation in our beautiful sanctuary space. We’re not at all experienced at recording mid-week, or accommodating video editing and processing to upload to social media streams

We’ve truncated the service to suit the on-line format, and we’re learning to be creative with light, sound, camera, [action]! New insights abound about what is involved in producing decent (we’re shooting for quality…working on it!) video productions.

Special thanks to Maria Psaila (Mr. D, and a sometime member of our choir) for her video editing expertise. Thanks also to Dana Lynn Farrell for tech support and to all our musicians and worship planning teams for their quick innovation to keep online worship available in the current reality.