Climate crisis challenge to our community brought to you by your local Saint Andrew’s Social Justice Committee. We will be issuing periodic challenges to those of us who might be feeling discouraged when faced with the immensity of the challenges before us. We choose to live as people of hope, join us! You should bother, you can make a difference, you and your loved ones can affect change.


Starting point:  Are you a climate hero? Please take this 5 minute questionnaire to find out where you stand…



And after you do that, consider this First Climate Challenge..

Buy Local

Did you know that today, agriculture and forestry activities generate 24% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide? By shifting diets and addressing food waste, the global demand for food can significantly drop. Eating lower on the food chain*and ensuring what’s grown gets eaten is a powerful combination that lowers farming inputs, land-clearing, and all associated emissions. We say buy local!

*eating less beef and pork and more plant-based products

Click Here  for a list of our wonderful Nova Scotian markets.Have fun with this throughout the summer and look out for our future challenges.