The St. Andrew’s Benevolent Fund is for emergency requests from people arriving at our door in need.  This happens often – and we expect it will happen more in the Covid Crisis.  We give money for food, diapers, hygiene or medicinal supplies,  bus tickets, etc.  Linda manages the fund, with assistance from Susan and Russ.

Please help replenish this fund, so we can respond to need with practical love and support.   Donate in cash or grocery store gift cards (amounts of $25 or less).

 IDEA:  ask your children or neighbors if they’d like to donate.  Whatever they give will be given in turn – and helping others helps us all.

How to donate?

Online:    http://www.standrewshfxdonation.ca

Mail:        6036 Coburg Rd.  Halifax, NS  B3H 1Y9

Home Pick Up:    email s.chisholm@eastlink.ca    Susan will arrange for someone to collect at your door.