The Annual General Meeting will be held February 21 following worship.

This Sunday, Feb 21st, we will have a shortened worship service, followed by the Annual General Meeting.  Important information will be shared on the work of the Needs Assessment, Site Development and various committees and activities.

Here is the agenda for the meeting: Annual Meeting Agenda 2021

Here is the Annual Report Document: Annual Report 2020

Here is the draft budget:St. Andrew’s United Church – Budget 2021 (final Council draft) (18 February 2021)

Here is the Needs Assessment Report: Needs Assessment Final Report 2021

And here is a  message from our Council Chair, Bob Hanf:

Dear St. Andrews Community:What a year it has been.  I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to serve as Council Chair during this past year. At the beginning of the year, the challenges were clear and had been identified by the congregation.  Projects included conducting a needs-assessment, and completing the work of the site redevelopment committee with the expectation of presenting a set of viable options for redevelopment.  Also on the list was updating the strategic plan, getting a firm grip on our financial future and learning to live within our means.  All without losing sight of our primary task, to live the Mission and Vision of St. Andrews.

And then along came a pandemic.  Didn’t see that coming.  I am very pleased and honoured to be able to say that everyone within our community steadfastly stepped up to the challenge to ensure that today we are able to present you with a comprehensive plan for St. Andrews to more forward while ensuring that are able to live the Mission and Vision of St. Andrews within the greater community, confident that we are stronger than ever.

There are many stories of leadership and gratitude that I have witnessed during the past year in the St. Andrews community, and I have watched the tireless work of many. I will share just one brief story as an example that made me feel incredibly blessed and privileged to be part of this thriving community. In early March of last year, we received notice from public health officials that only essential services were permitted to continue to operate. Naturally, we feared that not only would we have to suspend worship, but we would have to close the operation of Sunday suppers.  At the time, we were regularly hosting approximately 150 members of the community at each weekly supper.  After a call to the Premier’s Chief of Staff and a good conversation, we were advised that the Government would consider our Sunday suppers to be an essential service. Sunday suppers have continued since that time and as of last week, approximately 250 members of the community are being hosted weekly.

As the world around us has pivoted and adapted during these challenging days, St. Andrews has embraced virtual worship and worked to ensure that our community remains connected and living our values.  It wasn’t the year I had planned, but it has been an honour and a privilege to serve as Council Chair.  I strongly encourage others to participate in the governance and operations of St. Andrews.  Doing so reminds me every day how truly blessed we are and contributing in this way is not only a practical way of living our faith, it rewards deeply in the soul. I wish great success for the next council. Thank-you and Peace be with you all. Yours, Robert

Click on this link to download a copy of  Annual Report 2020

You can also pick up a printed copy in the Sanctuary this Sunday

After reading, please feel very to ask questions or share comment.  Email your questions/comments to office@saintandrewshfx.ca , and you’ll receive an answer before the Annual General Meeting.