The sponsorship support committee working on behalf of the Al Keek family continues to gather up the furniture and household effects they will need in their new Canadian home when they arrive.

Due to the high rate of Covid infection throughout Turkey, Canada’s Embassy in Istanbul was closed for many many weeks and thus the family’s immigration process was delayed. We understand conditions there are improving, but still our family have not had their all-important medical checks and interviews. We were advised to tell them to arrange for their Covid vaccination appointments as soon as possible, because that will assist them in terms of being considered for approval to come to Canada.

Saint Andrews has been helping the Al Keek family while they wait by sending $750.00 Canadian every two months, to assist with rent, food and other living expenses. Recently, however we learned this has not been enough to cover them for some necessary medical expenses. They have no insurance and must purchase medications and some clothing, of course. The support committee has just agreed to increase the donation to $1000.00 every two months, and we will try to continue this assistance until they are finally able to fly to Nova Scotia.

Wesam tells us constantly how blessed the entire family feels to have the love and support of Saint Andrews United Church, and he and Waed would welcome a chance to join us some Sunday to say hello to the congregation.

Meantime, if members of Saint Andrews wished to help the Al Keek family of four, donations can continue to be made on their behalf. If cheques are written out to Saint Andrews, they should be designated for the “Al Keek Refugee Fund”;  tax receipts will of course be issued for all charitable gifts.

We also continue to encourage everyone to pause when entering church and write a Message of Hope. We are told these translated words of help and warmth from Saint Andrews have greatly cheered and encouraged Rawan and Abdul as they wait in difficult circumstances.

Again, we thank the congregation so very much for their interest and support as we continue to work on this important project.