St. Andrew’s United Church has evolved, transforming ourselves over these many years of service and prayer on the corner of Coburg and Robie. What is constant is the commitment to excellence: in our worship, in our music, in our preaching, in our outreach, in our prayer circles and beyond. What has changed are the touchstones that draw us deeper- into God’s presence, into the life of our vibrant community, into the presence of faith partners like Aboriginal Peoples, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, or other Christian denominations.

dancers-dicey-rileyAt St. Andrew’s we try to breathe fully of the Spirit. We begin each Sunday meditating through music, hearing the sacred sounds that nourish our souls. We embrace silence and invite the holy to fill the empty places in us. We speak and hear prophetic, challenging words. We trust that Spirit and truth will grasp us and send us out to seek justice and serve others in a good way.

If this sounds inviting to you, we would love to have you to join us.