As we do every year at the time of All Saint Day and All Souls Day, we remember the loved ones we’ve lost in the past year. In the sermon, Russ explores the place of death in life and life in death, using a rarely explored story at the end of the gospel of Matthew– the ‘Bible Zombie Story.’ Our culture usually flees from death, approaching it from a place of fear. We will learn from other cultures, ancient and modern, that see death a different way.

Russ’ reflection begins at the 9′ minute mark. Following the “U” pattern of worship we are using this fall, in the middle of the sermon there is a spiritual practice, followed by the reflection’s conclusion. The recording begins with Susan Chisholm’s opening prayer which acknowledges the shooting tragedy at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. There is a lively rendering of VU 333, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling and readings from the Song of Solomon and Matthew’s gospel. The recording concludes with our house band, Mostly Righteous performing Bruce Cockburn’s “Mighty Trucks at Midnight”–Peter Baylis, vocals.